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FedEx Cup: A foreign perspective (and it's not pretty)

September 29, 2009

Guardian golf writer Lawrence Donegan in his blog eviscerates the FedEx Cup on the basis of its confounding format that even the players don't fully understand. Donegan writes:

"Having rolled up to the PGA Tour HQ with a wheelbarrow full of money and tipped it out on the promise of a great show in golf, the company [FedEx] now finds its name linked with a standing joke, an event that few people care about and even fewer understand.

"How does that go down in the corporate boardroom? We'll never know for sure but if I was Mr FedEx I would be tempted ask for my money back, or at least make sure the wheelbarrow is empty when the PGA Tour comes knocking in the hope of renewing the contract."

-- John Strege