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Feast your eyes on possibly the longest, and definitely most impressive, putt ever made

March 27, 2018

There's a bit of debate on who owns the world record for longest putt made. Brett Stanford of the group How Ridiculous made a 395-foot bomb in February 2017, although it technically wasn't a putt as much as a shot converted with a putter. Guinness recognizes Jack Nicklaus and Nick Price both sinking 110-footers in tournament play, with Bob Cook draining a putt from 140 feet at St. Andrews during a 1976 International Fourball event. And we'd be remiss in forgetting Michael Phelps' 159-foot roll of pure beauty at the 2012 Dunhill Links.

But, in all due respect to the aforementioned feats, this dandy from Zac Radford might be the best.

Radford, a mini-tour player, filmed himself going deep on the Golf Club of Tennessee's practice green, posting the video on his Twitter account Tuesday morning:

No word if Bugs Bunny was guiding this bad boy towards the hole with a magnet.

By eye, it certainly seems to be one of the longest putts made. Given the slope and difficulty involved, we feel confident in claiming it's the most impressive.

Balls in your court, trick-shot world.