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Please do not let this fan's Will Smith-inspired yell become a thing at PGA Tour events

We're staunchly against yelling anything from the crowd at PGA Tour events, specifically stuff like "mashed potatoes" or "light the candle." However, if you are going to scream something in the hopes of making a scene, at least make it something original.

That's (sort of) what one fan did on Sunday at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Say what you want, but this Will Smith-inspired yell is somewhat original, and definitely caused a few chuckles from viewers at home:

Not bad, not bad. And credit to this guy for keeping it PG, unlike Will Smith. Extra credit for not climbing over the ropes and slapping Sam Burns in the face, too.

Now, here's the issue - there's a slight chance this becomes a "thing" at PGA Tour events. Nearly 500,000 people have viewed that clip already, and it's fair to assume a small percentage of those viewers are your typical copycats who can't wait to get out to a tour event and do the same. Remember that year everyone was yelling the same exact crap about that dead gorilla? We do not want another one of those situations this summer. Please, folks, let this be the last time anyone yells at a tour pro to keep their wife's name out ya mouth. It was funny the first time and won't be funny the second, third, fourth, or one millionth time.