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Fan tells Russell Westbrook that he sucks, Westbrook says to ‘say that to my face,’ fan says that to his face

October 21, 2022

Andrew D. Bernstein

The Los Angeles Lakers are 0-2. This means that they’ve played two games and lost two games. That’s ... not good.

Somehow everything surrounding the games is even worse.

The team has negative 3-point shooting, Anthony Davis is already banged up and Russell Westbrook has a better chance of having a fan yell at him than making a bucket.

It seems like fans have ganged up on Russell Westbrook as if the team isn’t giving meaningful minutes to a 2K create-a-player like Matt Ryan No. 2. This isn’t a defense of Westbrook as he’s been putrid in his time so far. Still, the Lakers are certainly not putting him in a good situation.

It’s never a good sign when you’re told that “you f***ing suck” by your own fan after 96 minutes of game time, but hey, at least there’s nowhere to go but up. Hopefully.