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Ezekiel Elliott may have admitted to being high as hell during a Twitch stream

In the grand scheme of things, smoking weed is very low on the list of Ezekiel Elliott’s worst off-the-field transgressions. In fact, outside of old heads who think the devil’s lettuce is on par with heroin, no one really cares if Elliott, or any professional athlete for that matter, tokes up.

But admitting to being high as hell while doing a live Twitch stream probably isn’t the best look, particularly for Elliott, who has yet to meet a bad off-the-field decision he didn’t want to make. Recently, it was reported that Elliott had tested positive for the coronavirus, which caused many to question if he could have gotten it while attending a party at Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s house. According to Elliott’s mother, it’s unlikely that’s where he got it from.

I’m no medical expert, but smoking weed seems like a bad idea when you’ve had a virus that causes you to have trouble breathing. Then again, Elliott seems to be at full health and he’s young, so spark up all you want. YOLO:

Technically, “low-key faded” does not automatically mean he’s high as hell. Could mean he’s beat and ready for bed, could mean he’s had a few drinks, could mean a lot of things. But we’re going to go ahead and assume that because he rushed to shut off the Twitch stream and said “oh no, I didn’t even end my stream yet,” that he’s more than likely stoned. Also, c’mon, we all know what faded means.

Again, we could care less. As for the NFL, that might be a different story. Keep doing you though, Zeke.

UPDATED: On Monday night, Elliott called out Sports Illustrated for writing that he had admitted to being high. "I was actually referring to the few drinks I had which I said during the live stream," Elliott wrote.

Like I wrote, "low-key faded" could have meant a number of things. Turns out it was from a few drinks. Case solved.