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You can download the latest Golf Digest digital edition for free

April 23, 2020

For nearly a decade our subscribers have had access to a digital edition of Golf Digest. It was great on the iPad. Now we’ve retooled the experience to be great on the phone, too. And we’re making our latest issue free for everyone.

There’s something irreplaceable about the feeling of leaning back with a magazine in your hands, but our digital edition has distinctive features, too. Like how it arrives as much as a week sooner than the mail. Or the way it’s at your fingertips wherever you go, even without an Internet connection. There’s also the functionality to save the tips that resonate with you most, as well as search keywords across our archive. We’ve even added a news feed that delivers breaking stories from

Of course, such digital bells and whistles are meaningless without the tightly edited, timeless features our magazine is known for. Take our cover story this month, where Patrick Cantlay showed off his uniquely repeatable swing and collaborated with senior editor Mike Stachura to convey its fundamentals just so. To craft his collection of profiles on the eclectic characters of World Long Drive, senior writer Guy Yocom traveled to Wynnewood, Okla., (yes, same town as the troubled Tiger King zoo) alongside photographer Brent Humphreys to capture these majestic animals at their premier event. Though the most surprising piece might be “Temp Work” by staff writer Daniel Rapaport, who spent a week as a caddie on the PGA Tour. You can read, listen to or watch Dan’s story in the digital edition.

Why free now? Because we want your feedback. Just as you’d ask a friend to take a look at your swing, we want to know if there’s anything you can see that we can’t with this work-in-progress. So check out the new digital edition and email me your thoughts at Same as your regular golf buddies, we can wait until later to try to get into your pocket for a few bucks.


Max Adler
Editorial Director