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Exclusive Look at Jason Day’s Golf Barn

November 26, 2019
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Driving down a quaint Ohio country road, you wouldn’t expect to come upon one of the planet’s most advanced golf practice facilities. Pass through the private entrance and you see it unfold in front of you -- a golfer’s paradise with a 150-yard fairway, large putting green and two target greens flanked by bunkers — replete with grass and sands native to various Majors venues. Then you see what the owner coins a “golf barn” -- a beautiful, customized two-story, glass-sided home that’s also a golf training haven. The envy of many collegiate programs and top courses around the country, this facility is armed with a Full Swing simulator, Virtual Green and gym, as well as a full kitchen and entertaining space for friends.

Welcome to the home of PGA Tour pro Jason Day. While he may have one of the world’s most coveted backyard practice facilities — along with a well-stocked trophy case -- he still fully commits to practicing on his simulator to get the most feedback and preparation for events. “I need to do a lot more great things in golf,” says Day. “And Full Swing’s system is the best around. It’s amazing how quick it works — it’s instantaneous. It genuinely feels like you’re outside playing, which is tremendous. That’s one thing that I absolutely love -- to be able to hit the shot and see it take off and do what’s it’s actually supposed to do is hands-down the best thing.” The multi-camera and infrared systems work in tandem to detect the ball from every angle and calculate exactly what Day’s doing with his shots -- hitting draws, fades or perfectly straight rockets. “I don’t have to question its accuracy,” says Day. “I know it’s correct.”

Living in the Midwest where there’s only so many days he can practice outside, Day also loves that he can get in all of the reps he needs inside and even practice putting every break there is on Tour. That’s because he was the first Tour pro to install in his home Virtual Green -- Full Swing’s automated, adjustable indoor putting green. It’s no coincidence that the following year, Day had his best statistical year putting ever. “I use it all winter and when it’s raining outside in the summer,” he says. “I can set whatever angle sequence I want -- right, left, up or down -- varying degrees of slope, all the way up to 18 feet. I have some of the best greens in my backyard, but sometimes I can’t go out there. And I still need to stay sharp.”

Day also enjoys being able to spend his limited time off the tour at home with his family. That’s why for his son, he’s installing the simulator’s multi-sport program -- so that they can play soccer, football and other games together. As Day’s also a gamer, he connected his gaming consoles, as well.

Point is, Full Swing can customize the set-up to anyone’s unique goals, aesthetics and physical space. Day’s is living proof of how the technology really can transform a home into something much more. See what it can do for you by going to Full Swing.