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Even Rory McIlroy is sick of that OMEGA "Hall of Fame" ad featuring Rory McIlroy

September 03, 2015

Golf has been swept up in the whole "who is the best player in the world debate" in recent days, but all golf fans can agree on the worst part of watching the sport on TV: That damned OMEGA "Hall of Fame" commercial with Rory McIlroy. You know the one (DON'T press play if you know the one):

It's nothing against the current World No. 1, but the ad and its music (Sorry, fans of The Script) are awful. And the fact that it's played on loop during the PGA Championship (OMEGA is a big sponsor of the PGA of America) is maddening to the point that someone started a petition to have the commercial pulled off the air waves. That person is an American hero in our book.

On Thursday, McIlroy was asked about it and if he'd ever make a new ad with the watchmaker.

"I'm sure I will. I'm not sure when. But I think that one went quite well for them, that's why we didn't have to shoot another one this year. If they could just change the music that would help."

YES. Is that too much to ask?

Even McIlroy indicated he's sick of the ad. When asked what he does when it comes on, this was his response:

"Turn it off. I've seen it too many times."

Haven't we all, Rory. Haven't we all.