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Even on the PGA Tour, Roger Goodell can't escape jeers

September 07, 2015

It's been a rough go for Roger Goodell as of late. The human pinata's reign as commissioner has been so maligned that it's made the NHL's Gary Bettman look competent.

Goodell waged an infamous war/slander campaign against one of his league's most visible personalities, Tom Brady, and lost. As noted by the numerous successful appeals made by players, his perceived power far outweighs his actual jurisdiction. He's in charge of an organization battling rampant issues of domestic abuse. Moreover, an upcoming movie -- one that he tried to alter -- is about to paint Goodell and his sport in an unflattering light.

So if you're Goodell, you might turn on some golf on this holiday weekend to forget about life's troubles, only to hear:

Poor guy. Well, you know, as poor as someone making $44 million despite having such a low job approval rating can be.