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Even Jordan Spieth watched a lot of Tiger Woods last weekend

EDISON, N.J. -- How did Jordan Spieth spend much of his first week as the top-ranked golfer in the world? The same way most fans of the game did: By watching the former World No. 1 play.

At his pre-tournament press conference ahead of the Barclays, Spieth, who sits atop the FedEx Cup standings, was asked if he paid attention to the Wyndham Championship to see "the Jason Gores" of the world grinding to keep their seasons alive. He gave a Spiethian answer that yes, he did, before mentioning a certain 14-time major champ.

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"I watched a lot of it, too, because of Tiger," Spieth said. "I mean, it was cool to see. Honestly, I was going about my work, but when I had downtime, I turned it on. When I was eating lunch, I had it on. The interest was there, more so than normal.

"It's interesting, because people are like, well, what's he going to do, this, or that or that. The point that you're asking that question and everyone wants to watch it just shows that that effect is obviously still there. Yeah, I liked watching the passion that he had, that Tiger had during the week."

An interesting answer as well, especially because although Woods was trying to keep his season alive, the question didn't actually involve him. Spieth was specifically asked about Tiger a couple times, though, including about whether or not he could have imagined being No. 1 this quickly when he won the 2009 U.S. Junior 25 miles west of here at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster.

"It didn't seem like it was going to be feasible for anyone at the time unless something crazy happened. But with injuries, they kind of set you back and you have to almost start over," Spieth said. "Last week, saw some shades of that Tiger and it was certainly exciting."

Spieth has created plenty of excitement himself during a 2015 campaign that will go down as one of the greatest seasons in golf history. That success has translated to fun opportunities for the 22-year-old Texan, including regular hangouts with his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, and throwing out the first pitch at last week's Texas Rangers game. He'll get another chance to show off his lefty arm at Tuesday's Yankees-Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

"It's important for the Rangers what the outcome of that game is," Spieth said.

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Spieth knows the outcome this week isn't as important for him with a FedEx Cup system that is now heavily slanted to reward success in the Tour Championship. With 4,169 points earned in the regular season, Spieth is a staggering 1,710 points ahead of No. 2 Jason Day, but most, if not all, of that gap will be wiped out by the time the Tour Championship rolls around next month.

"We've gone about our business the way we wanted to, and you know, after the major season is over, which is where we wanted to peak," Spieth said. "And now honestly, we've sat back over the last week and said, how can we get that same kind of momentum to where we can try to peak for the Tour Championship."

Who knows, maybe Tiger will even tune in.

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