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Even by Steph Curry standards, this Steph Curry shot is bonkers

March 19, 2019
Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs

Ronald Cortes

The schadenfreude surrounding the Golden State Warriors has been running strong and mighty this season, a stream the two-time defending champs continue to fill. There was the on-court dust-up between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, ongoing rumors that Durant will likely bounce after the season, Klay Thompson calling out the hometown ground, the rough assimilation of Boogie Cousins into the proceedings, and the very real possibility the Warriors will fail to capture the No. 1 seed. All that's missing is Durant getting caught flirting with an Instagram model on his burner account...and we still have three months of action left in the season to make that dream come true.

However, while the hatters' cups are overflowing with epicaricacy, ultimately it will not matter, as the Warriors will win their fourth title in five years, solely on the merits of one Steph Curry. In spite of this campaign's chaos and a pesky groin injury, Curry is enjoying one of his best seasons in a Hall-of-Fame career, his threes continuing to single-handedly suck the spirit of opponents.

Such as last night, when Curry connected from way, way, WAY downtown against the San Antonio Spurs:

He is not from this world.

Granted, the Spurs won the game. But the Warriors are merely passing time, the way a dad messes with his kid in the driveway by giving him H-O-R before taking him to the woodshed with 20-foot banks and backward shots.

Only 11 regular season games remain before the playoffs begin, and a fair share of talking heads will make valiant efforts to explain why the Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets or Oklahoma City Thunder have a shot in the West. Simply nod in your head, re-watch this video and remember: as long as Steph Curry's on the floor, ain't no way the Warriors won't be cutting down the nets come June.