You have to see the putt that caused a Euro Tour pro to make this face

Any golfer who has ever struck a putt too hard has the same, immediate reaction: “hit a house!” Translation? Please, just hit the hole so the ball doesn’t roll 15 feet past.

Tour pros are no different, though their chances of hitting the hole are much higher. South Africa’s Brandon Stone found himself in this exact situation on Wednesday during the opening round of the British Masters at Close House GC in England.

Stone, who was working on a one under round on the back nine, blasted a birdie putt that was tracking toward the cup. The problem was it was going far too fast, but fortunately for him the hole got in the way, as his ball hit the back of the cup and popped out. Stone’s reaction was absolutely priceless:

Is there a pool noodle in that cup? Little pandemic golf joke for ya.

All kidding aside, Stone’s facial expression could not sum up that situation any better. Sure, it would have been nice if it miraculously dropped, but he knows he got away with one. If the hole didn’t get in the way, that ball rolls almost 10 feet by. Instead, he cleaned up the tap-in and sprinted to the next tee, we assume.