Europe Takes Clubhouse Lead

August 22, 2009

SUGAR GROVE, Ill.-- Just like that, Juli Inskter and Paula Creamer's perfect record in Solheim Cup foursomes has come to an end. And just like that, the Europeans lead the 11th Solheim Cup 7-6.Â

Janice Moodie and Sophie Gustafson took charge of match no. 13 against the uncharacteristically shaky Inkster and Creamer on the first hole and never let go, polishing off a tidy 4&3 victory with a birdie on a 15th hole.

In match no. 15, Christina Kim and Natalie Gulbis are getting slaughtered by Becky Brewerton and Gwladys Nocera -- they're 6-down with seven to play (no, that 6 is not a typo). It seems as if the air has gone out of Kim completely, perhaps the result of too much jumping up and down after her morning victory alongside Michelle Wie. Â

But the U.S. has managed to turn things around in the final group of the day, with Wie and Cristie Kerr warming up to each other and clawing their way to 2-up after 11 holes in match no. 16. That's saying a lot, considering they're playing the two hottest members of the European team, Anna Nordquist and Maria Hjorth (remember, this was the pairing that shot seven under in 16 holes of alternate shot yesterday).

If play ended right now, the two teams would go into the final day of competition tied 8-8. But if we've learned anything in the last two days, it's that these battles aren't over until they're over. Stay tuned.

--Stina Sternberg