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ESPN Radio: Fall golf, buddies trips and my favorite destination

October 03, 2011

On Saturday I was on ESPN Radio with John Patrick of the Augusta Golf Show. Patrick wanted to know about fall golf destinations, the Greenbrier, buddies trips and if I see courses and resorts successfully navigating their way through rough economic waters.

I always ask celebrities and tour players: Pebble, Pinehurst or Bandon Dunes? Patrick asked:

"I'm going to let you take a buddies trip one week a year for the rest of your life, but you can only go to one location for the rest of your life, where are you going?"

How would you have responded to that question? Answer in the comments box below, or send me a tweet @Matt_Ginella.

For my answer and more:

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On the subject of buddies trips,__ join me and some of my friends in Orlando__ (Oct. 21-23) for key ingredients of a memorable golf trip: good course, great food, open bars and free gifts.

--Matty G.