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One of the best golf scenes in Entourage depended on Tom Brady as a last-second sub

When it comes to celebrity cameos in movies or TV shows, Entourage is tough to beat. And golf has played a prominent role in a bunch of those episodes.

Phil Mickelson appeared in an episode in Season 5. And Mark Wahlberg's smooth golf swing has been on display several times.

But probably the best golf scene in Entourage? When Tom Brady plays with the boys. Johnny Drama snaps Brady's driver. Turtle tries to talk smack to the quarterback of his rival football team, but gets won over by Brady's charm. It's a great episode.

But apparently Brady was a last-second sub in. That's according to Turtle, aka Jerry Ferrara, who met with Sports Illustrated on Thursday.

"[That] was initially for the Manning brothers," he said. "But then something happened where they had to pull out like four days before."

It hasn't been a good couple of weeks for TB12. Here's the clip of the interview of Ferrara talking about Brady.