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Energy Athletic Golf: Power from a golf shirt

August 03, 2012

Can golfers derive power from a shirt? Energy Athletic Golf says they can with its golf shirts featuring IonX technology that produces negative ions.

Negative ions, delivered in myriad forms (bracelets the most popular), seem to be ubiquitous in professional golf circles. Paul Azinger is a spokesman for Energy Athletic Golf, which has taken the negative ion technology to another level, weaving them into the shirts' fabric.

"Wearing an Energy Athletic Ionized golf shirt will add power during every round of golf," it states on the company website.

Energy Athletic has expanded its line, introducing new colors: Orange Fusion, Red Surge, Ambient Blue and Gray Matter in short-sleeve and Neutron Navy in long-sleeve (shown above).

Its shirts are also breathable and feature moisture-wicking properties. They retail for $60 for short-sleeve shirts and $70 for long-sleeve. They can be purchased at the company's website, with a money-back guarantee that it "will be your favorite shirt." Soon, they will be introduced in retail shops, the company said.

-- John Strege