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Eliza Dushku: Actress/Golfer

August 21, 2009

I spoke Dushku yesterday about her golf game, travel habits, being interviewed by Howard Stern and the fact that she's not opposed to flying coach.

Dushku got her first set of clubs when she was seven, grew up next to a golf course and the Dushku house used to get peppered by errant tee shots. A young actor and an entrepeneur, Dushku and her three older brothers would snatch the balls and then try to sell them back to the golfers at the next green. A self-proclaimed tom-boy, Dushku offers no fashion advice for the LPGA Tour. "I'm still trying to figure fashion

You can read more about my interview in an upcoming issue of Golf Digest and the entire interview on this website in a few weeks, but it's Friday, it's the day before the weekend,