Drag Him

Eli Manning's subtle burial of Peyton after piping one down the fairway is why Eli is the true GOAT of the family

Eli Manning has been dealing with comparisons, fair or unfair, to older brother Peyton for his entire life. That has not changed in retirement, which Eli has used to start a lucrative commercial career of his own.

With all that extra "free time," as Eli puts it, he's also playing lots of golf (not that he wasn't during his playing career). The swing, which he showed off at the Memorial Tournament's Pro-Am on Wednesday, is looking real good, as is the post-swing sauce game. In a video clip posted by the PGA Tour, Eli pipes one down the middle, holsters the club and goes for the early tee grab.

Of course, he wasn't getting back to his bag without the latest and greatest comparsion to Peyton from a fan. The sneaky quick-witted Eli had the perfect response, though:

Subtle burials and winning Super Bowls, that's what Eli Manning does.