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Easy Glove introduces customized golf gloves

March 07, 2012

Traditional all-white golf gloves aren't going away anytime soon, but technology will provide alternatives, as Easy Glove is demonstrating.


Easy Glove has the ability to provide customization to golf gloves using a process that re-produces vivid images that won't wear off. Shown here is a butterfly pattern from its limited edition offerings.

"We've got a proprietary process where we can take any digital file and apply that file to up to 90 percent of the glove surface area," Easy Glove Vice President Keith Andrews said. "So we're able to do some very unique stuff in terms of designs and logos, well beyond the tradtiional, of having your logo on the strap. We could take a photograph and put it on a glove."

The majority of its business will be in custom bulk orders, for golf courses that want to display their logos, for instance. "We do an awful lot of tournament business, as you can imagine," Andrews said, explaining that tournaments provide their participants with a custom gloves in lieu of, say, a cap or a shirt. "We do a tremendous amount in corporate branding. They like the idea of having a golf item. Or the higher profile destination resorts, as a souvenir item."

It also will have a rotating series of limited edition gloves. "Here in Vancouver, (B.C.), we have a very active Asian community, so we came out with a year-of-the-dragon glove that has proved very popular," he said.

Easy Glove was launched three years ago in Europe, where "it's done very, very well," Andrews said. It only recently expanded to North American markets. Last week, it announced that it was designing and manufacturing a signature glove for Apache Stronghold Golf Course, a resort east of the Phoenix area, in Globe, Ariz.

The gloves feature a synthetic top with a cabretta leather palm.

-- John Strege

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