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Dyson: The best fling in golf

June 17, 2010

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- England's Simon Dyson finished his warm-up session prior to his first round at Pebble Beach Thursday with a shot that many players in this championship would probably love to have the option of trying out on the golf course. He's throwing Callaway balls down the range.

It's not as odd looking as it sounds because Dyson takes his regular stance with a ball in his right hand and then goes through his swing and finally flings the ball as he gets to the bottom of the arc. He looks like a kid trying to skip rocks on the water. It is enough of an unusual sight that Ben Curtis, hitting balls next to him -- conventionally, with a golf club -- had to stop and watch a few.

Dyson said it helps him to see if he is releasing his body properly on the downswing and using his hands as he gets to what is supposed to be the release point.

"It's just something I do at the end of my session, to keep that feel with how I want to be in the right positions at impact," Dyson, playing in his third U.S. Open and looking to make his first cut, said. "Please don't tell anyone. It's a secret weapon."

Only Curtis and a few fellow pros know about it ... plus this readership.

-- Dave Shedloski