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Dustin Johnson is so locked in he doesn't even know where he lives

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- The PGA Tour leader in driving distance and the pick of many to win the Masters is so locked in that he doesn't even know where he owns property.

The South Carolina native was subject to the most awkward exchange in a whirlwind day of  press conferences. When asked about his living situation, Johnson is definite about his income-tax free Florida base, but his other property owning details are a bit murkier. In his mind.

Q. Where is your residence?  Still in Florida?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  Still live in Florida.

Q. Are you considering moving to California?  Is that a thought at all?


Q. Comfortable in Florida?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I like Florida, yeah. I'll visit California a lot, but I'm not going to live there.

Q. And you still have your home in Myrtle Beach; correct?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:  I don't know -- no, I sold it, but I think I still kind of own it. I'm like an owner finance, I don't know. You'd have to ask my accountant (laughter).

No worries. The Masters is not about identifying the best accountant.