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Dustin Johnson doppelgänger puts new spin -- literally and figuratively -- on old golf trick

January 24, 2016

What's old is new. Rocky Balboa, introduced to the world 40 years ago, is in the running for an Oscar in 2016. Neon colors, all the fashion rage in the 1980s, have returned to department store racks.

And bouncing a golf ball on a wedge like a hacky sack, made popular by a Tiger Woods Nike commercial in 1999, is back in vogue.

Earlier this week we saw soccer star Aaron Ramsey break the world record for most consecutive "keepie-uppies" on Sky's "A League of Their Own." (Although, if you've ever been to a driving range at a PGA Tour event, you know Ramsey's record is as real as Sidd Finch.)

Now comes a video of a man juggling a golf ball on his club while on a hoverboard:

While impressive, I was distracted by this guy's resemblance to Dustin Johnson. Eerie, right? Even after confirmation that it's not DJ, I remain skeptical. That, or there's a host of lanky, bearded, TaylorMade-wearing talented dudes walking around.

Nevertheless, kudos for pulling this stunt off, as riding a hoverboard without falling down or catching on fire is a feat in itself. Better yet, given he's got free time, we'd love to see Tiger revive the trick he made popular by adding the hoverboard concept.

After all, what's old is new.