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Dude goes nuts, snaps all his clubs in golf course parking lot

September 22, 2014

Not a whole lot of information on this one, but apparently some guy called Bundy was really angry after his round and took it out on his golf clubs. The woods were spared, but the bag, his bag tags, his irons and his wedges were all given the death penalty.


*(Warning: You may find the language -- and the egregious abuse of golf clubs -- offensive.)


__Update:__This video has gained some traction, so a quick update: Golf Central Daily posted the video on YouTube. Barstool Sports started a hashtag: #WeAreAllBundy. Even the course superintendent inserted himself into the ruckus:

@GeoffShac @LukeKerrDineen Member/Guest 2014...Rumor has it the bag and clubs are now at the bottom of the irrigation pond. #ThatsAllICanSay

— Brad Rozzelle (@turfmanpa) September 22, 2014 #WeAreAllBundy

__Update:__ABC World News featured the video on its program last night and even interviewed Bundy, who said he was a little embarrassed at how viral the video went. Here's his interview with host David Muir.