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Draymond Green mans up, pays off MSU-OSU bet to Evan Turner during postgame interview

February 15, 2018

Draymond Green has made his fair share of questionable decisions in his career, namely, kicking people in the groin. But when he's not going full Cristiano Ronaldo, his old school style of play is one you can't help but respect. Green is not afraid to ruffle feathers, throw elbows, play physical, go hard in the paint a la Waka Flocka Flame, etc.

Green's also old school off the court, evidenced by this exchange with Portland Trail Blazers forward Evan Turner after the Warriors' 123-117 loss on Wednesday night. During Green's postgame interview, Turner, who played his college hoops at Ohio State, approached the Michigan State alum looking to settle up on what appears to be a running bet between the two former Big Ten stars. Turner's Buckeyes defeated Green's s Spartans 80-64 in early January, in addition to an absolute smackdown on the football field last November, when Ohio State won 48-3. Wednesday night was the first time these two had seen each other since December 11, and it was time to pay up. Green didn't run and hide:

Straight cash right out of Green's pocket, homie. This is how you settle up. Get out of my face with this weak Venmo trash the millennials are pushing. And yes I am a millennial, but like Draymond, I prefer the old-school method. Cash is and always will be king.