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Double Duty: A putter that does more than putt

June 02, 2011

The Double Duty putter is odd looking only in the sense that it looks like no other putter before it. But given the other curious putter designs that have rendered as irrelevant the "plain in shape" stipulation in the Rules of Golf, it's not so unusual.

Still, a divot repair tool welded to the back of a putter qualifies the Double Duty as novel. The Double Duty, which bills itself as the Divot Repair Putter, was designed by Walter Graves to assist him, in the wake of an illness, in repairing ball marks on greens without having to bend. And for those with bad backs and knees, it would preclude them from having to bend to repair a ball mark.


We have no opinion on how well Double Duty works as a putter, but offer this endorsement: Anything that will contribute to more golfers repairing more ball marks is OK by us.

-- John Strege