Whose handicap is less realistic: Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

In by far the most surreal moment of last week's Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, a male group chat played out on the stage when the two began discussing their capabilities to serve America at the ages of 78 and 81, respectively.

Trump, naturally, answered the question by saying he had just won two club championships, and "not even the senior ones." He then made mention of the fact that Biden "can't hit the ball 50 yards." Biden responded by saying he had gotten his handicap down to six back when he was vice president, and that he'd be happy to have a driving contest with Trump.

Yes, this was real life:

While most probably found this very depressing to watch, the golfers in all of us recognized we've all had this exact conversation with a buddy/rival countless times. Everybody talks a big game until it's time to actually put the ball in the air, which is when the excuses usually start to fly. "I never play this bad," "I didn't get a good warm-up in," "I forgot to eat something," etc., etc. We've heard it all. 

Of course, knowing what we know about Trump, those two club championships were likely won by him going out and playing by himself and then putting his name up on a board as the winner. Seeing what we've seen from Biden, Trump's assessment that he can't drive it 50 yards is probably correct. Does not take a political science major to figure that stuff out. 

As one Arizona television reporter pointed out after the debate, both Trump and Biden do still keep a handicap, and you simply have to laugh at both of them when you see them:

That got us thinking, whose is less realistic? Or, in golf terms, who has the bigger vanity handicap? In fairness to Biden, he did say he was VP when he got down to a 6. And, in fairness to Trump, it's clear the guy can still play. But a 2.5? We discuss on this week's episode of The Loop podcast below, in the most fair and balanced way possible: