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ESPN's having a "Dog Day," which gives us a good a reason as any to post a bunch of photos of dogs

August 19, 2019
Presidents Cup - Preview Day 2

Chris Condon

So, there's not much to say about ESPN's press release that August (Dogust) 24—AKA ESPN Dog Day—will be a chaotic canine cash cow for the worldwide leader.

There will be different dog competitions and E:60-type stories on good boys and a special episode of Always Late with Katie Nolan that will feature pups and a dog relay and a showing of Air Bud. This is all great news. Give us all of the dogs you can.

I can try to really break this down for you minute-by-minute, but you don't want that. You're busy out there living your life and you can just tune into ESPN (after perusing all of Golf Digest's unbelievable digital and magazine content, of course) in the dog days of August.

Instead, I'm just going to post some pictures of dogs that I found on Getty Images.

Shipping Activities at Yokohama Port As Japan Exports Decline Again


I searched "dog" and this is one of the first photos that showed up in Getty. Apparently, it's a dog looking out at a shipping terminal at dusk in Yokohama, Japan. I'd like to imagine that he's in charge of the entire operation and is at his best when the going gets ruff. Also, his name's Spot, which is スポット (Supotto) in Japanese.

Miami Marlins v Detroit Tigers

Mark Cunningham

In sports news, here's the coolest dog you've ever seen. Nigel—I have no proof that that is his name—is a die-hard Tigers fan, but also a big Tennesse Titans fan for some reason. He was really into Kerry Collins.

2016 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Matthew Eisman

Here's a really happy Bernese Mountain dog competing in the 2016 Westminster Dog Show. I have no clue if he or she won the competition, but if you look at that smile, you know that this dog won life.



Look at those eyes!!

Iditarod Sled Dog Race

picture alliance

For this one, I searched "Dog Alaska" and I'm glad I did. Look at that hangtime. This Iditarod pup makes Michael Jordan look like Andre Miller.

Puppy dog swimming in Didim

Anadolu Agency

This pup is named Taffy. Taffy either is learning how to swim or we're witnessing a murder. Hopefully, it's the former.

young Golden Retriever dog, puppy, pup (Canis lupus familiaris), domestic dog

ullstein bild

Here we have a golden retriever that does not understand how tunnels work. Or he understands tunnels better than any of us ever will. What a genius...


Finally, here's a picture of my family dog, Rascal. He's a good dog.

This entire enterprise was a ploy to get you to look at Rascal, but I think we all won in the long run. You got to look at pictures of dogs. I got paid today to look at photos of puppies on Getty Image. And Rascal got the 15 minutes of fame he always deserved.

Thanks, ESPN.