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Do You Know How To Lag Putt?

April 27, 2016

Nothing feels like more of a waste than three-putting. You put all this effort in to getting to the green, just to waste three strokes from 40-feet away.

Here are two drills and an on-course tip to help you out:

Butch Harmon says one of Phil Mickelson’s drills is to put tees at 30, 40 and 50 feet away from the hole. Take five balls, and start putting from the 40-foot marker. Once you’ve put five in a row within three feet of the cup, move to the 30-foot marker. Do the same, and then move to the 50-foot mark. Mixing the distance drills up will improve your accuracy and feel.

When you’re faced with a long putt out on the course, Paula Creamer suggests looking at the hole while you make your practice strokes. Trace the line of the putt with your eyes, to help you gain understanding of how long the putt actually is.

“When I set up to any putt, I focus on the target, not down at the ball, to help me judge the distance,” says Creamer.


Tom Watson says that one of the biggest amateur errors on long putts is leaving it short. Speed is the most important. He has another drill: Go back 80 feet, and put a half circle of tees 5 feet from the hole around the back half of the cup. Get all the way back there, and try to get the ball to come to rest in that half circle – or in the hole.

Want more lag putting tips? Check out this video: