Do you have the right amount of wedges in your bag?


“The last thing anyone asks me about regarding fitting are wedges and putters.”

Those disturbing words are from Scott Felix of Felix Clubworks at Spring Creek Ranch in Collierville, Tenn. “I fit people all the time who have non-standard length and lie angles in their irons, but buy wedges off the rack,” Felix says. “That makes no sense.”

So what to do? Aside from length and lie angle, Felix says nine out of 10 golfers don’t use enough bounce. He also offers advice regarding shafts.

“Most players benefit from heavier shafts in their wedges,” Felix says. “That provides more control. You want to reduce the role of the hands on these shots. It’s like a counterbalanced putter—the more weight, the less chance a golfer can fudge it up.”

As for gapping, Felix is a proponent of four wedges, but thinks more players should look at a gapping of 5 degrees between clubs as opposed to four degrees, citing a need for more loft around the green. “A 60-degree wedge can be a handy tool when you’ve short-sided yourself,” says Felix.

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