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Burst Of Power

October 07, 2008

Jamie Sadlowski exploded onto the long-drivers circuit in 2008.

This is not trick photography. Jamie Sadlowski, 20, of St. Paul, Alberta, really detonated a watermelon with a tee shot during an exhibition in August. He has also exploded onto the long-drivers circuit in 2008 with a second and T-5 in national competitions. Now he's among the favorites, says former world champ Art Sellinger, to win the $250,000 first- place check in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion- ship in Mesquite, Nev. The finals are Oct. 25. "I'd look for him to be in the final eight," Sellinger says. "Anything can happen from there." Jason Zuback's tee shot of 412 yards in 1997 is still the record.