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Did these British burglars steal $1 million in golf clubs?

March 07, 2014

Have you ever worried -- even for a moment -- about the security of your golf clubs when you leave them unattended at a course? Well, these two guys in England probably will give you nightmares then.

The good news is that Daniel Lloyd and Joe McCaughey have been caught. The bad news is it came after the pair stole golf clubs and other valuables from lockers at 36 courses in England, according to the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency.

The report states the two simply dressed as golfers and entered golf clubs to commit their crimes. And while evidence from 36 of their burglaries was used in their trial, officers believe the two could have stolen from as many as 1,000 lockers, taking goods worth more than $1 million in golf clubs alone.

The duo's crimes date back more than four years and their thefts were featured on BBC's Crimewatch in 2010. After a three-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Lloyd and McCaughey were convicted of conspiracy to burgle and sentened to five and three years in jail, respectively.