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Did soccer superstar Gareth Bale injure himself playing golf?

April 22, 2016

Real Madrid star Gareth Bale is notorious for "diving," the soccer term for faking an injury. Turns out he's not skilled at covering them up, either.

Bale, one of the more popular names in the sport, recently missed a Real Madrid match due to back spams. With the club's worldwide and rabid following, an injury of any severity is amplified by the media. When said injury is allegedly caused by playing 36 holes over the weekend? It's like Christmas Day for the Euro tabloids.

Quick set-up: Aside from his soccer prowess, Bale is an avid golfer. Last weekend he traveled to San Roque for the Open de Espana, a trip he made known on his social media accounts:

But it appears Bale was more than a spectator, allegedly playing 36 holes nearby Valderrama.

One problem: Bale was already dealing with soreness from his previous match. Coupled with the golf exertion, he was unable to suit up for Real Madrid's latest contest. A circumstance that hasn't sat well with his manager Zinedine Zidane, who is reportedly furious at his player's golf venture.

To his credit, Bale is more than a weekend warrior. His home boasts a golf simulator, and he's building a three-hole course in his yard. But with his history of feigning hurt on the pitch, this definitely raises an eyebrow. That, or soccer players aren't as versatile of athletes as we think.