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Did 'Secretariat' err on the Arnold Palmer?

October 14, 2010

Lee Janzen was raving about the film "Secretariat" on Twitter ("2 thumbs up. 5 out of 5"), but questioned whether it was erred in one regard.


There's this on Palmer's website, in an article from his "Kingdom" magazine:

"One evening after a long day of designing a course in Palm Springs during the 1960s, Arnold Palmer stepped up to a bar and asked the bartender for a mixture of lemonade and iced tea. A woman sitting next to him overheard what he ordered and told the bartender, 'I'll have that Palmer drink.' From that moment on, this refreshing lemonade-iced tea beverage became known as an 'Arnold Palmer,' and its name gradually spread throughout the golfing world and beyond into mainstream America."

Now you know.

-- John Strege