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Despite his success, Jordan Spieth remains envious of Rory McIlroy

August 12, 2015

HAVEN, Wis. -- It's good to be Jordan Spieth. He's grabbed two major championships before turning 22. While most young adults his age are living in a rundown apartment or their parents' basement, dude has a place that's fit for MTV Cribs. He just signed a mega-deal with Under Armour, one that will give him his own logo.

Perhaps most impressively, his stellar 2015 campaign has made Spieth the new face of the sport.

Of course, there's that Rory McIlroy character to take into account. And as Spieth confessed at his Wednesday press conference at Whistling Straits, he's green-eyed when it comes to McIlroy's game on one aspect.

"I wish I could hit it as far as he does," Spieth said.