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Dennis Rodman’s request during his interview for “The Last Dance” makes him an even sicker individual than we thought

There is no question that "The Last Dance" lived up to the expectations, but many viewers would be lying if they said they didn’t have any complaints. Personally, I needed a lot, A LOT more of Dennis Rodman.

But, as director Jason Hehir recalled on ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby, that simply was not possible. To the surprise of no one, Rodman wasn’t exactly easy to work with. Hehir said that he had 10 hours set aside just for Rodman, but The Worm had little interest in giving up that much of his time.

"He’s like, 'Ten hours (for this documentary), huh?' I was like, 'Yeah.' He’s like, 'Alright, I’ll give you 10 minutes.'"

Again, not shocking behavior from Rodman, who, as we saw on Sunday night, once skipped practice during the NBA Finals to join the nWo. Then, upon return, sprinted away from the media as if he were being chased by the dude from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Eventually, Rodman gave in, allowing Hehir to interview him for three hours, a healthy upgrade from his original demand of 10 minutes. But in order to get three hours from him, Hehir had to fulfill an absolutely absurd request from Rodman, one that makes him look like an even sicker individual than we all thought.

"Every page of questions I have (for him to answer) is an hour. I have 11 pages for this guy and he’s saying 10 minutes. So he sits down. I’m just kind of shooting the s–t with him, and he says, 'I need a tuna sub from Subway and some chamomile tea.'"

Ummm… what? A tuna sub, specifically from Subway, and a hot tea sounds like one of the worst lunch combinations ever created. After typing that out, I now realize it’s the absolute perfect meal for Dennis Rodman.

"It was like (Dave) Chappelle sending the guys for a sugar cookie in Queens. Unless you pass this test, you cannot do this interview. So we got him the tuna sub, we got him the chamomile tea, and he sat down for three hours. But that is a difficult guy to interview."

A+ reference/comparison from Hehir. "Sugar cookie mon’, dis is crazy." Play the damn clip.