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Demi Lovato knocks Jay Glazer's tooth out, fulfills the dreams of many NFL players

March 06, 2019

Jay Glazer is part football reporter, part MMA machine. When he's not breaking big stories, the Fox NFL insider is usually breaking a sweat at his gym chain Unbreakable Performance. He also trains professional athletes there, where he even has the guts to step in the ring with them. So it was just a matter of time before someone knocked out one of his teeth. He just probably didn't expect that someone to be. . . Demi Lovato?

That's right, the pop star apparently packs a lot of pop in her fists as well. On Tuesday, she shared a video after doing what plenty of NFL players have dreamed about throughout the years:

They don't call her Demi "The Hitwoman" for nothing. OK, so no one calls her that, but they should. It works on multiple levels.

To Jay's credit, he handled the situation well. And on the bright side, he's got plenty of time to get that fixed before football season.