PGA Championship

Valhalla Golf Club

Day 9: Eliminate Three-Putts With Better Speed

February 23, 2016

Distance control in putting comes from knowing how much force to apply during the stroke. The only way to build that awareness is to start consistently connecting strokes with rolls. Step off three feet from the hole in the four axes of the compass and stick tees in the ground. Now, set yourself up for a 10-footer in each direction and roll three putts from each spot. The catch? You have to call out ahead of time whether or not the putt you just rolled will end up within the three-foot box—before you look up. Once you've left all the putts around the compass inside the box (and called them all successfully!), you can promote yourself to 15 feet. By the end of the week, aim for 75 percent success from 35 feet.

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