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David O'Keefe caricatured the big three, and it's kind of refreshing

January 22, 2014

ORLANDO -- There's a big market for golf art out there. Courses, players, defining shots all make for some pretty iconic photographs and paintings.

But for those sick of the typical majesty of golf, David O'Keefe has you covered. A former editorial illustrator for the Tampa Tribune whose art has also appeared in  Sports Illustrated, *Mad Magazine *and The Village Voice, O'Keefe has turned his attention to pop culture -- with a heavy focus on golf.

O'Keefe's style is fairly unique compared to his counterparts in the golf space; he caricatures his subjects -- either in paintings, prints, or sculptures -- and places them in classical, well-known situations. His newest work, "The Big Three," is selling for $2,100.

"Golf has been good to him," Lisa Gearity, who works for O'Keefe, said, "I think because it lends itself so well to the medium."