PGA Championship

Valhalla Golf Club


Hit It Great All The Time

June 15, 2010

Golf swings are like fingerprints: No two are the same. So trying to copy someone else's mechanics, whether it's a specific teaching method or one of the game's famous swings, is nearly impossible. For example, Greg Norman used Jack Nicklaus' book Golf My Way to learn the game, but you'd never think those two hit the ball the same way. Three-time major winner Larry Nelson, in his early years, tried to copy Ben Hogan's swing exactly. In the end, he didn't look anything like Hogan. So there you have four great players, four totally different golf swings--how could that be? In fact, none of the great players swings like any other, but I've identified five fundamentals they all exhibit. Here I'll share them with you--along with the drills necessary to blend them into your swing -- so you can start hitting it great all the time. To paraphrase an old saying, there's no one swing for all, but there is one swing for you.