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Dash Day (and Jason Day) star in this year's best Father's Day commercial

June 15, 2016

Lost amid countless predictions and really deep rough, one of the coolest aspects of the U.S. Open is the fact that its final round coincides with Father's Day. You didn't forget about dad, did you? Don't do that. (But if you did, check out our Father's Day gift guide.)

Of course, if you're watching the tournament over the weekend, you're bound to be reminded of this fact, either through the coverage or commercials. And you will not see a better Father's Day ad then this one for PGA Tour Superstores and TaylorMade that stars Dash Day -- and we guess, Jason. Check it out (WARNING: Have a tissue handy in case you get a little choked up):

How about the job by the three-year-old Dash delivering those lines? The kid's a natural! Then again, he's gotten a LOT of camera time in the past year thanks to his dad's play.

And thanks to this commercial, we can also expect to see a lot of Dash during weekend coverage. But Jason's opponents at Oakmont aren't going to go as easy on him. Whether we see any more live footage of Dash this Sunday remains up to dad.