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Dartmouth beats Harvard on wild Hail Mary on final play, camera man completely botches filming it

November 02, 2019

The ending of the Dartmouth-Harvard game on Saturday was one of the finishes of the year in college football. The only thing keeping it from being THE finish of the year was some crappy camera work from the camera man.

Trailing 6-3 with six seconds to play and the ball at midfield, Dartmouth was down to its final play. Big green quarterback Derek Kyler was immediately in trouble after taking the snap, but he kept the play alive with his feet, avoiding three Crimson defenders and scrambling to the open field. From the 46-yard line, Kyler heaved one to the end zone, where the ball was tipped by a Harvard defender and then caught by Dartmouth wideout Masaki Aerts for a miraculous game-winning touchdown. What was not miraculous was the camera work:

Did this dude fall asleep mid play? What the hell was that? Not surprisingly, the internet was not kind:

Tough break for this guy. If he films it properly he gets no credit, if he screws it up everybody piles on. Thankless job.

Luckily for us, there was that second angle from the other end zone. And there's also this sick angle from someone who was down on the field:

What a play. This kept Dartmouth's undefeated season alive, as they've now moved to 7-0 on the year. Next week they'll take on the only other undefeated team in the Ivy League, Princeton. Winner of that is on a fast track to the College Football Playoff (yes I realize this is not possible). Big Green football, catch the fever!