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UPDATE: Darren Clarke drops "gum" on green, makes putt, invokes 5-second rule, disgusts Nick Faldo

July 15, 2016

Darren Clarke is an Open champ and Ryder Cup captain. Judging by what we saw Friday at Royal Troon, he's also a believer in the five-second rule.

Putting for par on the fourth hole at the 2016 British Open, Clarke's chewing gum (update below) dropped from his mouth mid-stroke. Clarke's attempt dropped in the cup, and the 47-year-old celebrated in curious fashion: By placing the gum back in his mouth.

The act audibly disgusted Nick Faldo, like he had just witnessed someone eating from a trash can. In Clarke's defense, after braving wind and rain all morning, a few blades of grass on his tongue probably didn't seem that disconcerting.


Turns out, Darren Clarke doesn't chew gum. His buddies Lee Westwood and Chubby Chandler (his agent) weighed in on the trending video on Friday night.

In all fairness, it sure looked like gum. But it sounds like Faldo might've been mistaken.