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Danny Kanell sends out awful tweet about marijuana, might want to sit the next couple plays out

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Cindy Ord

Danny Kanell seems like a good dude, one that genuinely loves the sport he covers. His college football analysis is much better than people give him credit for, and if you've ever bet the over on the Friday night FAU vs. Marshall game heard him as the color commentator for games on CBS Sports, you've noticed that too. People forget he was a rising star at ESPN before the network let him go in 2017 (which kind of puts a dent in the rising star theory, but whatever).

Ever since he was hired by Fox Sports 1, Kanell's reputation has gone down the drain, and much of that is his own doing. He's become a hot-take artist, constantly riling up SEC fans with awful opinions on their conference. He of course, rides for the ACC, as he played his college ball at Florida State, which is super unbiased on his part. To his credit, he's embraced this villain role, though it's less villain and more "this guy is a straight-up clown," which seems to be the model for all of Fox Sports' personalities these days.

Kanell is especially insufferable on Twitter, where he has a following of nearly 350,000 and sends out tweets that strictly serve to incite a reaction. He does have a radio show to pump up on Sirius, which is part of it, but that doesn't mean he won't spout off something that randomly pops into his brain on a Thursday morning. You see, Danny thought he hit a home run with this one regarding marijuana, and he QUICKLY found out that was not the case:

"Is it better than opioids? Probably." Real sentence from a real person. Someone please take Danny's phone away.

Let's see how this tweet is going for Danny. Can you say, RATIO?!?!

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 12.20.14 PM.png

There are many more replies, most of them actually in search of a dialogue with Danny, but those are for another time. We'll keep it light for now. Pray for Danny's mentions for the time being.