April Fool's

No one has ever loved Baker Mayfield more than these kids who were April Fooled into believing he was traded

By now, you'd think we'd all be on high alert on April 1st, kids especially. Yet one dad had his two sons buy a Baker Mayfield-related lie hook, line and sinker, and, naturally, he posted the video results on the internet for all to see.

No disrespect to Baker, but he's not accomplished enough to be a guy fans would cry over losing to a trade. That type of emotion is reserved for the Patrick Mahomes' and Aaron Rodgers' of the NFL. But don't tell that to these two young lads, who couldn't hide the tears when pops said Mayfield had been traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers, of all teams:

All Baker disses aside, this would be pretty brutal news to hear as a kid with Mayfield coming off a season in which he helped the Browns win 11 games and make the playoffs. These two seem young, but they also seem old enough to have experienced a little bit of the pain Browns fans have endured for years. Now, they have their franchise QB who gave them the best Browns season in nearly two decades. Taking all that into account, it's understandable that Baker is their guy, and that they'd weep when hearing he was traded to a division rival. 

Luckily for them, it was just a dad prank on April Fool's Day. Don't worry boys, you're stuck with Baker for at least two more seasons, then probably longer when the Browns inevitably give him a massive contract that will cripple the rest of the roster for years to come. That, unfortunately, will not be an April Fool's joke.