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Custom fitting comes to golf gloves

September 06, 2011

It isn't often that a new product comes along that is both unique and practical and, rarer still, is not something to which the tour player has access.

Precision Glove has introduced such a product -- custom fit golf gloves, "the only custom-made glove in the universe," it claims. Though tour pros receive their gloves gratis from the companies, they're standard-issue gloves, sized for the masses.

Precision Glove uses what it calls its 3D Immersion Simulator Hand Scanner that "captures 45 geometric data points from the surface area of an individual's hand, including measurements of the palm and fingers length, width and girth to create a three-dimensional digital model."


Shown here is an image of a scanned hand and some its data points

Premium Pittards lambskin is cut to the precise measurements by an automated laser cutting system. The gloves are then individually sewn and finished. Among options available are color and monogram or name. The cost is $30, in line with other high-end gloves, and the turnaround time is three weeks.

The company has recently hired 27 sales reps, according to Oliver Ahn, co-founder of the company. He said that big box and chain stores as well as pro shops will be equipped with their hand scanners.

"This is an exclusive market for us right now," Ahn said. "There is no technology out there that is able to capture the geometric data points we can with our technology with a combination of software and hardware. And with our glove, when you grab the club it's like grabbing the club in your hand. We hope we're going to be revolutionary."

-- John Strege