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Curtis Strange looks REALLY silly in this interview with Tiger Woods during his pro debut

August 30, 2016

To be fair, no one could have seen what was coming. Seventy-nine PGA Tour wins. Fourteen major titles by 32. Tiger Woods turned into the most dominant force in golf history, but in late August of 1996 he was just a 20-year-old rookie making his pro debut. And Curtis Strange treated him as such.

It was during that week at the Greater Milwaukee Open when Strange, still a tour player but beginning a career as an announcer, did a memorable interview with Woods following his first-round 67. After Woods listed a victory as a goal for the week, Strange smiled and paused. "A victory. . . To me that comes off as a little cocky or brash."

Woods then explained that he enters every tournament trying to win and that "second sucks and third is even worse." Strange then cut him off and said, "But on tour, that's not too bad sometimes." When Woods reiterated his focus on winning, Strange lectured, "You'll learn." Check it out:

Strange then laughed and said, "Sorry, I'm just kidding you, I had to say that." Woods flashed a big grin, but you know he was thinking, "I'll show you." And of course, he eventually did. Many times over.