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Crystal's new white, three-piece golf ball

April 26, 2011

Crystal Golf is known for its colorful array of crystal-covered golf balls, but in a departure for the company it has introduced a white, three-piece, 70-compression ball it is calling PrismPro.


"Our focus has been on 70-compression balls, but we wanted to make a 70-compression three-piece ball that was attractive to players who don't want to play a crystal-covered ball," John Gilliam, a club pro and operations manager for Crystal Golf, said.

It is reminiscent of the old Lady Precept, a ball designed for women that many men wanted to play, but were reluctant to do so, prompting the company to come out with a Laddie Precept.

The difference here, besides the color and the 70 compression, is that it is a three-piece design that the company hopes will appeal to better players looking for more spin.

But why a 70-compression ball? "One of the big selling points of our golf ball from day one was that it was in the 70-compression range," Gilliam said. "When 70-compression balls came on the market, we really didn't know how much that affected the market. When we came out with the Crystal, it caught the attention of some of the local golfers, who started playing with it. They were made aware of the fact it was 70 compression and started to realize that the lower compression ball had a better feel."

-- John Strege