My Sacrifice

Creed's impeccable live mid-game performance was unfortunately not enough to get the Nashville Predators a win

Can't lie, I've been crushing some Creed lately. Somehow they came on at a recent bachelor party I attended, and it turned into an in unision screaming sesh amongst the bros. Ain't nothing wrong with that, am I right?

Little did any of us know that a few weeks later, Creed would be running it back at a live sporting event, with fans in the stands. No, this was not quite the EPIC 2001 Thanskgiving Day performance at the Dallas Cowboys game (nothing ever will be), but it was still good to see these guys back at it in Smashville playing "My Sacrifice":

Sounds like they followed up with "Higher" as well. All the hits, which remain undeniable for even the biggest of too-cool-for-school people. Creed rocks. Always has always will. 

By the way, is there any other city that's just trotting out Creed during a quick intermission for a first-round playoff game? Again, this ain't Thanksgiving, this is just another regular night in Nashville. Somehow, though, Creed will be the last live, in-game performance for the Preds this season, as they lost 4-3 to the Carolina Hurricanes in overtime, losing the series 4-2. How they didn't end up winning 7-1 after "Higher" is a mystery.