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Creative kid pulls out loose tooth with golf swing

February 08, 2017

How to remove a loose tooth is a question that's plagued man since the beginning of time. Do you let it fall out naturally? Break out tweezers? Stuff your mouth with gum? Tie a string to a door knob? A brave six year old may have finally discovered an answer.

According to Today, Maxton Price had enough of an unbolted ivory and decided to take matters into his own hands. Price and his father tied a string around the tooth and removed it in creative fashion: with a golf swing.

“After we hit the ball, we thought maybe the tooth would stay on the floss but it didn’t,” Maxton's mom told Today. “My husband had to stay out on the back deck to look for the tooth. It took him about ten minutes, but daddy was the hero and he found it.”

No, the real hero is Maxton. For not only do we know how to properly pull out a loose tooth, we can do it while working on our game.