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"Crazy golf" courses could be coming to downtown London

April 25, 2016

Nine of the world's most renowned architects, artists and designers are set to transform downtown London into a land of "crazy golf" courses for seven days this September. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, the project needs your help.

The London Design Festival announced its plans for this cool undertaking on Monday -- along with info about a Kickstarter fund that will need to raise 120,000 pounds (currently about $175,000) for it to happen.

First, Danny Willett wins the Masters, and then, President Obama plays his first international round of golf while in office at The Grove over the weekend. And now this? England golf. So hot right now.

Assuming this exhibit happens, it should be interesting to see how the designs of architects and artists match up to those of people who plot out golf courses for a living. Let's just hope they don't use real golf balls.